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Drill Bit

Drill Bit Employing high quality alloy steel for drilling body and YG carbide alloy for drilling tip, and in combination with various types of electrichammer. The drill is one of the most efficient tools suitably and widely used for hole drilling in hard materials like concrete/ brick in construction & installation industries. Employing special spiral type and extended life carbide tip, higher service life in concrete/brick in construction & installation industries, faster dust transport prevents clogging. Post Product Description Product Parameter ficationMOQ (piece/pieces)Unit PriceSingle box numbercarton size(length)carton size(breadth)carton size(height) roughweight 10脳10002002.4750108121026 12脳10002002.5540108121026 14脳10002002.9640108121026 16脳10002003.3025108121026 18脳10002004.0225108121026 20脳10002005.0720108101026 22脳10002005.8115108101026 25脳10002006.8915108101030 Main ProductsDrill Bit website:

Honed Tube manufacturers

Honed Tube manufacturers Honed Tubes For Hydraulic Cylinders Steel Grade and Chemical Compositions: Steel GradeCSiMnPSA Steel nameSteel numbermaxmaxmaxmaxmaxmin E2151.02120.100.050.700.030.0250.025 E2351.03080.170.351.200.030.025- E3551.05800.220.551.600.030.025- Mechanical properties at room temperature Steel gradeMinimum values for the delivery condition Steel namesteel nubmer(+Cc)(+LCc)(+SR)(+Ad) (+N) NBK Rm MpaA %Rm MpaA %Rm MpaReH MpaA %Rm MpaA %Rm MpaReH Mpa A % E2151.02124308380123802801628030290-43021530 E2351.03084806420104203501631525340-48023525 E3551.058064045807580450f1045022490-63035522 aRm: tensile strength; ReH: upper yield strength; A: elongation after fracture b 1Mpa=1N/mm2 c Depending on the degree of cold work in the finishing pass the yield strength may nearly be as high as the tensile strength. For calculation purposes the following relations are recommended: For delivery condition +C: ReH 鈮?.8 Rm For delivery condition +LC: ReH 鈮?.7 Rm d For calclulation purposes the following relation is recommended:ReH鈮?.5Rm e For tubes with outside diameter 鈮?0mm and wall thickness 鈮?mm the ReH minimim values are 10Mpa lower than the values given in this Table f For tubes with outside diameter锛?60mm: ReH鈮?20Mpa Note: Special steel grade is also available, according to customer request. Applications: For Auto industry/for machinery use/Oil Cylinder Tube/Motorcyle shock absorber Auto shock absorber innder cylinder/Telescopic Cylinders.Honed Tube manufacturers website:

Weeding Machine Capacitors factory

Weeding Machine Capacitors factory Founded in 1992,Taizhou SOK Capacitor CO.,LTD is a professional manufactuter and major supplier of quality capacitors in China. Our products include: . Polypropylene film capacitor . Fan Capacitor (CBB61) . Air Conditioner Capacitor (CBB65) . Lighting Capacitor (CBB80) . Washing machine capacitor (CBB60) . Motor run capacitor (CBB60) . AC Aluminum Electrolysis Capacitor (CD60 start capacitor) . DC Aluminum Electrolysis Capacitor . Parallel Connection Power Capacitors For our innovative techniques, advanced production line and introduction of the world's best raw materials, we are able to control the costs to the lowest while still supply capacitor products of the best quality. We currently have 100+ skilled workers and own a workshop area up to 10,000 sq.m., with a monthly turnout of As an ISO 9001-2000 certified enterprise, SOK Capacitor strictly follows a ternary system of design, manufacture and quality control. The strandards innnovated in design and production have been recognized by major Test Labs including UL of USA, TUV of Germany, Dotts CE, suggest and CQC. 1 million capacitors. So we can fulfill both small and large orders on a long term base.Weeding Machine Capacitors factory website:

Disinfectant Wet Wipes manufacturers

Disinfectant Wet Wipes manufacturers Our History The company was established in November 2016, and the factory is located in huitong road (industrial park), wangsi town, dayi county, chengdu city, sichuan province. It covers an area of 11,000 square meters, including 2,000 square meters office and research building ,9000 square meters standard workshop 9000 square meters. The registered capital of 20 million, actual investment of 27 million,and there are 40 employees and 10 technicians .The factory has strong production capacity such as solid preparations 350 tons / year, oral liquid preparations 350 tons / year, soft capsules and other health food production lines 100 tons / year, food and beverages total 800 tons / year, nutritious foods total 200 tons / year. Cosmetic products 200 tons / year. The company is fully equipped and meets GMP standards. There are raw material (extraction), oral liquid, substitute tea, powder, tablets, granules, capsules and food (SC certificate) production lines.There are manufacturing department, quality assurance department, finance department, human resources department, general manager office, audit department, marketing department, sales company, technical center, security department and other departments.The company mainly produces health food, health food, special medical food, with advanced production lines and testing equipment,based on "healthy life" business philosophy and focus on pure natural health products. Our Factory Our Product Skin care / Hair care Product Application Daily care Production Equipment RO reverse osmosis pure water machine锛寁acuum emulsification tank, vacuum storage tank, paste filling machine锛孡iquid washing homogeneous mixer锛孡iquid filling machine锛孌rying and sterilizing machine, conveying table, inkjet printer, labeling machine, aluminum foil sealing machine, shrink film machine, etc. Our CertificateDisinfectant Wet Wipes manufacturers website:

China Stainless Steel CNC Fabrication

China Stainless Steel CNC Fabrication About US Shining Machinery Co., Limited was established in 2013 in Shenzhen, is a professional manufacturer specilizing in cnc precision machining and high-end technology. We has imported CNC lathe machines, CNC machining Center, 5-axis machining center, 3-axis machining center, CNC milling machines, Vertical Driller, Tapping machines, and complete quality control system. And we have Big CNC machine to machining big part with 1200mm. Our workers are working two shifts a day to ensure all orders are completed on time. Our production environment is very good, and our team is quite high-quality, young, professional and practical experienced. And our engineers will provide you some advise if needed. Our main business is customized cnc machining precision hardward parts and plastic parts. We can make and assemble all kinds of non-standard customized product according to cosutmers' drawings or samples and requirements. Our primary goal is to achieve quality levels that provide our customers with cost-effective products. Most of our products are Exported to America, Europe and other developed countries. In continuing our proven excellence, we are looking forward to establish long-term, mutual beneficial partnership with even more customers with our professional attitude, leading-edge craftsmanship and quality services. We are confident that Shining Machinery would be your best choice if you are looking for precision cnc machining manufacturer with class-leading quality and professional services. Product Application We have offered cnc machining service for different fields. Our products are widely used in Automative, Appliances, Agriculture, Medical Devices, Electronics, Constructrue, Communication, Food Equipment, Lighting, Aviation, railway braking system and more. All manufacturing operations are strictly ISO qualified.China Stainless Steel CNC Fabrication website:

RP 350mm Graphite Electrode suppliers

RP 350mm Graphite Electrode suppliers Our History Jiexiu Jinsheng Carbon Co., Ltd. was established in August 2001, which was transformed from four carbon factories of China Railway 12th Bureau. It is located in the famous Mianshan scenic spot, covering an area of more than 60 mu. It is a private enterprise growing up in the wave of China's reform and opening up. The company specializes in scientific research and development, production and sales of graphite electrodes and carbon products, and international trade With nearly 20 years of experience in graphite electrode production and R & D and independent intellectual property rights, it is a professional production and R & D enterprise with good quality, complete varieties and many specifications in China. Its products enjoy a high reputation at home and abroad. Our Factory After 20 years of continuous innovation and development, the factory has formed perfect carbon production processes such as calcination, molding, roasting, impregnation, graphitization and machining, and has advanced carbon testing and inspection facilities at home and abroad, which can produce and process common power, high power and ultra-high power graphite electrodes of 肖 100-肖 600mm, with a production capacity of 30000-50000 tons / year. The factory has fully mastered 6 items of graphite electrodes Physical and chemical indexes, resistivity, flexural strength, modulus of elasticity and bulk density as quality assessment indexes, ash content and linear expansion coefficient as reference indexes for production and processing. Our Product Finished semi-finished products and accessories of ordinary power, high power and ultra-high power graphite electrode Product Application The semi-finished products and accessories of common power, high power and ultra-high power graphite electrodes are mainly used in the metallurgical and smelting industries such as steel-making, silicon smelting and yellow phosphorus smelting. Our Certificate The company has passed the GB / T 19001-2015 / ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification, and the products are homogeneous and stable. Production Equipment Closed conveyor impact crusher extrusion molding machine impregnating tank baking furnace graphitization furnace Production Market The company's products sell well to large iron and steel enterprises at home and abroad, mainly exported to Iran, Myanmar, Vietnam, Germany, Britain and other countries and regions. Our Service The company's products sell well to large iron and steel enterprises at home and abroad, mainly exported to Iran, Myanmar, Vietnam, Germany, Britain and other countries and regions. Before sales, we have a deep understanding of the importance of customers. Only products with good quality, low price and good quality will be favored by customers for a long time. During sales, we receive every customer with the principle of honesty, good service and customer first. After sales, we work with conscience and win by quality. After the customer signs the contract, we strictly check, inspect, pack and choose the best Xiu's economic and efficient transportation mode reaches the customers' hands safely, and guides customers to use, maintain and regularly return visits.RP 350mm Graphite Electrode suppliers website:

Bearings 812/1000M

Bearings 812/1000M Our History Sun Rises Group Limited operate bearings since year 1986, with rich experience to provide professional bearings solutions also suggestions. Our Product Sun Rises Group Limited can help you get almost all the industrial bearings and vehicle bearings at the soonest time. Product Application The application of bearings can be used for mud pump, railway, excavator, machine tool spindle, agricultural machinery, steel factory, cement factory, printing machinery, oil drilling equipment, automobiles etc. Our Unique Full range bearings, fast delivery, premium quality and fast response is the core competitiveness of Sun Rises Group Limited. Production Equipment For logistic solutions, we can operate door to door, express shipment, air freight shipment and also sea shipment. Production Market Most of our products sells to middle east, south America, Australia, southeast Asia, south Asia, Middle Europe,Africa and Russia. Our Service We wish to build long term cooperation with you and help you achieve outstanding advantages on bearings section.Bearings 812/1000M website:

buy Mall Play Area Equipment

buy Mall Play Area Equipment Our History In 2005, our company was founded as a small workshop with only 10 people, with annual turnover of 1 million; In 2008, the company expanded its production plant area to 500 square meters with 25 staff and annual turnover of 10 million; in 2013, the company continued to expand its plant size to 1200 square meters with 50 staff and annual turnover of 30 million; in 2018, the company's plant covers an area of 3,000 square meters with 80 employees. Annual turnover is 70 million. Our Factory WenZhou Yiwang Amusement Equipment CO., LTD. Is a professional, design, development, honest, innovative industrial company, mainly engaged in naughty castle indoor amusement equipment, outdoor combination slides, large trampoline, wooden combination slides, safety MATS, and other places, suitable for kindergarten, playground, community, large-scale shopping mall and other places. It has passed strict inspection and testing before leaving the factory, and has been constantly innovating in the products. We can customize according to the size of the space provided by customers, and also provide customers with indoor, outdoor playground master plan. Facing the challenge of economic globalization, our company devotes to treat each children's amusement park as a project to complete and make quality children's amusement equipment. All these benefits from our rich production experience, professional production technology ability and serious management style. At the same time, our company focuses on bringing happiness and love to the world with every child. Keep pace with The Times, push forward, and strive to bring the brand "shuxin garden" to the world. We have excellent designers, engineers, and management professionals. We always uphold quality first, customer first, honest service, abide by the contract to win the trust and satisfaction of customers. Our Product Naughty castle indoor amusement equipment, Qutdoor combination slides, Large trampoline, Wooden combination slides, Safety MATS etc. Product Application Kindergarten,Shool, Playground,Park, Community, Shopping mall and other places Production Market South America,Africa,North America,Northern Europe,Mid East,Southeast Asia Our Service We are factory but provide One-stop service.Apart from manufacturing trampoline park equipment and indoor playground .We make an exclusive design according to client鈥檚 requirements/ site/ budget. And we provide business plan advice franchise opportunyty installation etc . as well .buy Mall Play Area Equipment website: